3D Slash brings 3D CAD to the Raspberry Pi

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The latest version of 3D Slash is compatible with the single board Raspberry Pi computer

Compatible with the Raspberry Pi, 3D Slash is a free 3D design application for the Pi-Top, the educational minicomputer based on the Raspberry Pi hardware.

The interface will be familiar to anyone that has played with LEGO or dabbled with Minecraft, in that it is a rudimentary 3D block-based interface, with extract/shape controls.

The £25 program allows users to design 3D objects on the Raspberry Pi single board computer, something unthinkable even a few years ago.

3DSlash has already partnered with 3D Hubs, iMaterialise and Sculpteo, with its OSX, Windows and Linux versions being available since earlier this year.

Although files are saved in a new .3dslash format, the web-based version allows it to be exported to one of the partners or downloaded as an STL file for local use.


“We are enthusiastic about releasing a new version of 3D Slash for the Raspberry Pi world,” said Sylvain Huet, CEO of 3D Slash.

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