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Inventables launches Easel Pro CNC software for the X-Carve + Carvey

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Inventables’ self assembly X-Carve has found a home in many workshops, including our own


If you’ve been following Inventables, you’ll know that the company has a range of machining products that have seen wide adoption in both the hobbiest and professional market.

We’ve even spent our own money on a 1,000 x 1,000 mm CNC router in the form of an early generation X-Carve for our own tests (though we’re still waiting to upgrade the controller and spindle).

Alongside the X-Carve and the Carvey (which is more akin to a desktop CNC mill rather than router), the company also provides users with its own set-up and g-code generation software, Easel.



Easel Inventables test part off XCarve

This is a cloud-based application that lets you create your own carving routines using vector data (or lets you create your own) as well as loading g-code from a variety of CAM systems out there to run on the products.

Inventables has just launched an updated, pro-focussed version of Easel, called Easel Pro. This adds on the tools already available and adds in more tools to both help the machine owner looking to make more money from their investment as well as allowing customers to get involved in the design process. It’s primarily focussed on the world of sign making using V-shaped router bits, but there’s potential for this to be useful for many other industries.

In terms of technical benefits, the Pro version allows you to program more complex tool paths with single cutters running at different depths (allowing you to add in different levels of detail with single runs, rather than multiple toolpaths).

In terms of cost, Easel Pro comes in at $19.99 per month if you opt for a monthly subscription or $156 for an annual subscription). This brings it into competition with the likes of VCarve from Vectric and ArtCAM but costs a lot less (ArtCAM standard is $540 per year) – albeit for less functionality and a focus specifically on v-carving.

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