D3D Poll – New Year new you?

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It might be a good time for a bit of career development…

The January blues are eating away at your soul; the weather is cold/damp/British; you’re skint until payday… It doesn’t get much worse.

But you could at least cheer yourself up a little with a bit of career development [I said a little bit – we’re not miracle workers].

This week’s poll looks at your career options for the New Year – are you happy where you are now? Looking to move on? Desperate to retire to a life of daytime TV and reducing your golf handicap? Then let us know.

We’d like to know what you’re planning and maybe [if you’re feeling chatty] the reasons why? A new family meaning you’re working from home? A dream of working abroad leading you back to further qualifications? A recent divorce seeing you take up a second job in your local McDonalds…?

Should you need a bit of encouragement then check out our new jobs site here – a quick browse might change your life.


The results for this week’s poll will be here on Friday lunchtime, so check back to see if you’re the only one brave enough to be seeking new pastures.


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