DMG MORI flexes new metals muscle with post acquisition Realizer SLM machines

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The fruits of DMG MORI’s majority share in Realizer look promising

Since DMG MORI acquired a majority share in German additive manufacturing firm Realizer it has been busy rebranding and re-speccing its range of SLS powder-bed 3D printers to add to a stable already featuring laser deposition welding.

The Lasertec 30 SLM is equipped with a 300 × 300 × 300 mm build area, with layer thicknesses of 20 to 100 µm depending on the surface quality and build-up rate, and application-specific fibre laser sources of 400 Watt to 1kW.

A low argon consumption of only 70 l/h and integrated powder conditioning should ensure optimum powder handling, more so with the exchangeable powder module meaning changeovers take less than two hours.
An end-to-end software solution with a uniform user interface from CAD-File (RDesigner) to process control (ROperator) simplifies the operation.

“Selective laser melting in a powder bed opens up completely new areas of application for our customers. That is why this is the perfect complement to our Lasertec 3D machines in the field of advanced technologies”, said Christian Thönes, chairman of the executive board, DMG MORI.

As to be expected, DMG MORI was quick to point to its post processing machining technology to round off the entire part process.


The Ultrasonic 20 linear was its showpiece new high performance machine for advanced materials, with rotational speeds of up to 50,000 rpm, digitally controlled ultrasonic generator and new ‘Ultrasonic’ actuators, proving that the machining heavyweight sees its power in a full solution offering.