Baking cakes is for old ladies – schools should get involved with The Great British Make Off

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A new schools competition, the Great British Make Off is setting a design challenge around cycling

The Design & Technology Association is teaming up with leading UK designers to get schoolchildren excited about design and technology with a new design competition – The Great British Make Off.

For children aged 11-14, working either in teams or as individuals, students will be asked to respond to a challenging design brief inspired by Britain’s current sporting passion: cycling.

Winners will earn the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a day working with a major UK designer or product developer to refine their design concept, with the winning designs forming part of a national exhibition.

Entrants can respond to the brief and use which ever materials and resources are most appropriate. These could be drawn from one or more of the D&T focus areas of textiles; product design; systems and control and food technology.

A great way for teachers to inspire students and support their design & technology classes, early-bird registration opens on Friday, 11 July.

The Design & Technology Association will be updating its website throughout the summer with detailed information about the challenge, and also how teachers can integrate it into design and technology curriculum and extracurricular activity.


Sounds like a great plan – plus will keep everyone much healthier than the Bake Off alternative…


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