Gerber partners with Avametric for AR and 3D visualisation of apparel and soft goods

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The partnership between Gerber Technologies and Avametric aims to create an end-to-end 3D workflow

Gerber Technology has announced a major partnership with Avametric, fabric simulation and 3D consumer applications experts, to offer the first end to end 3D platform for apparel and material goods.

Taking the workflow end-to-end, from consumer facing virtual try-on applications to design, development and manufacturing, the joint 3D platform will provide realistic 3D simulations that can be used from consumer side visualisation all the way through production.

San Francisco-based Avametric technology creates digital garments that faithfully reproduce their real world equivalents, its ‘virtual fit’ technology having been used in web, mobile and AR applications by brands including Gap, and the iOS Fitting Room App.

According to a spokesperson, users will be able to move from 2D patterns to 3D digital samples that are ‘production ready’, which can result in a savings of up to 50 per cent in time and cost.

The fashion industry still spends billions of dollars annually on physical samples, which slows down development and has a negative environmental impact, and Gerber Technology has consistently invested in digitising the workflow, primarily through its AccuMark 3D software, to help their customers address this core challenge.


While Gerber has solutions focused on the design, sampling and manufacturing side of the value chain, Avametric adds its consumer facing virtual try-on applications, providing an integrated end-to-end 3D platform that integrates with Gerber’s AccuMark 2D product.

“You may hear and see many other 3D products on the market,” said Karsten Newbury senior vice president and general manager. “We hear from our customers that most of them are not actually using our competitors’ 3D products because they find them too difficult to use and don’t integrate well with a 2D workflow.”

The first commercially available application will be with the release of AccuMark V11.

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