Mentor Graphics continues to push FloEFD to the front of the design process with version 16

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A range of new CFD simulation features in FloEVD v16 continue with the software’s aim of ‘frontloading’ analysis towards the start of the design process.

Mentor Graphics, currently the subject of a mammoth $4.5 billion takeover by Siemens PLM, has added the industry’s first simulation solution for water vapor absorption alongside several other lighting related functionalities

FloEVD can now simulate the sorption (when one substance permeates another) and desorption (changing from an adsorbed state to a gaseous or liquid state) processes.
For example, plastic absorbs water and then releases it when environmental conditions change. This functionality is important for several key markets such as automotive lighting design where moisture needs to be minimised in light housings.

Other automotive lighting related capabilities include radiation and spectrum for direction source modeling, and LED thermal-optical modeling to simulate LEDs with non-linear dependence of parameters on temperature.

Elsewhere, the radiation modeling capability for FloEFD software has been further extended to include radiation pattern and spectrum definitions for directional sources.

The LED thermal-optical model is now capable of simulating LEDs with non-linear dependency of parameters on temperature – ideal for automotive lighting design and simulation.


“Our customers require fast and accurate simulation results for their complex engineering problems,” said Roland Feldhinkel, general manager of Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division. “Our latest FloEFD product provides the power, special functionality and performance required by engineers to obtain meaningful answers to their questions without disrupting their design process.”

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