Creative Fields launches latest version of its advanced meshing software

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The latest meshing tools from Creative Fields

CF-MESH+ 2.2 has been launched by London-based Creative Fields as it advances its tools and functionalities with added automation for generation of CFD meshes in arbitrary complex geometries for industrial interest.

The latest software comprises of advanced meshing workflows that can reportedly generate meshes with millions of cells within minutes, headed up by an easy-to-use front-end interface that hopes to create a better user experience and efficiency.

CF-MESH+ 2.2 features advanced meshing capabilities that allow for generation in a ‘fully automatic fashion’, while the UI makes it suitable for novice users.
The volume mesh density can be controlled locally by using a multitude of refinement sources available in CF-MESH+.

“Our focus was on helping users without much expertise in CFD meshing generate meshes with high-quality boundary layers in real-world industrial geometries,” said Franjo Juretic, head of development and managing director at Creative Fields.

Mocels can be imported from triangulated surface input formats like STL, STLB, and FMS files, and be meshed in a variety of algorithms, including cartesian 2D and 3D meshes, hexahedral meshes, tetrahedral meshes and arbitrary polyhedral meshes.


The resulting meshes from CF-MESH+ 2.2 can be exported as OpenFOAM, Fluent, CGNS, or AVL Fire.

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