Flyingshapes launches VR 3D CAD for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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Available for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, Flyingshapes‘ VR CAD workflow allows for 3D spatial modelling with intuitive haptic controls and interactive tools for sketching, surfacing and collaboration.

Powered by Unity real-time rendering on mid- to high-end Nvidia or AMD GPUs, Flyingshapes is a 3D surface modelling tool that allows users to sketch, shape and refine high-end CAD models within a VR headset. Intuitive haptic controls enable users to mold and position objects with exact lines, curves and surfaces using hand gestures in an immersive 360-degree workspace.

Precise measurement tools and positioning aids ensure accuracy, with real-time rendering updating the model in real time. Collaboration tools enable teams to work on projects around the world and share models for review and feedback. Approved, final models can be exported in CAD file formats for 3D printing or use with traditional CAD applications.

The software is targeted at reducing time-consuming iteration cycles during the early stages of design, with a feature set that aims to help professionals achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in a 3D workspace than previously possible on a 2D screen.

“We’re leveraging VR technology to solve the challenges and design bottlenecks that hinder traditional CAD workflows,” said Flyingshapes cofounder Jonas Kunze. “Lengthy iteration cycles, communication inefficiencies and discrepancies between the initial prototype and final model waste resources and can delay time to market for new products.


“We’ve engineered Flyingshapes to revolutionise design workflows and help teams maximise time spent perfecting models.”

A big goal is to make modelling in 3D as intuitive and accessible as using a smartphone app, as cofounder Dr. Johannes Mattmann, explained: “We’re disrupting classic CAD workflows by allowing designers to sketch 3D models to scale in a fully virtual environment, using their hands to build and manipulate objects.”

Flyingshapes is available on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for a monthly subscription starting at €49, for more information, click here.