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Tech Soft 3D acquires Theorem Solutions to solidify data exchange toolkit

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Tech Soft 3D, maker of engineering software development toolkits, has announced its acquisition of Theorem Solutions and its CAD data translation and publishing software.

Explaining the move, Tech Soft 3D states that Theorem’s CADTranslate and CADPublish products already complement its Hoops Exchange and Hoops Publish software developer toolkits (SDKs), helping create an ecosystem of data translation, publishing and 3D PDF solutions for end-users and developers.

Additionally, Theorem’s XR solutions offer manufacturers a simplified way to use their 3D CAD data in extended reality applications for design review, factory layout and more.

“We have long admired and appreciated Theorem’s deep expertise in CAD data exchange and have had a chance to work closely with the team as they created their solutions,” said Tech Soft 3D CEO Ron Fritz. “This acquisition not only makes Tech Soft 3D a one-stop shop for the most comprehensive set of CAD data translation and publishing solutions, and is also in line with our vision of helping users, developers and enterprises leverage the full value of their 3D data.”

Theorem will remain end-user-focussed, delivering products directly to users, while Tech Soft 3D will continue to provide core tools to developers.

Theorem CEO Mark Stowe, added: “Over the years, Theorem has built products on top of certain core component technologies from Tech Soft 3D, so we know the teams are compatible and our technologies complementary. We also know that we share a vision of how to extend the value of 3D data for manufacturing enterprises and their supply chains. We’re extremely excited about what we can achieve together.”

Tech Soft 3D intends to continue maintenance and support of Theorem’s existing users of CADTranslate, CADPublish and TheoremXR offerings.


Details of the acquisition are not disclosed, while Tech Soft 3D is backed by investment firm Battery Ventures.