Sir Paul Smith: Workspace of the creative

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Sir Paul with one ofmany stacks of books, and a paper mache rabbit

This morning we were lucky enough to be squashed, shoulder to shoulder, with the British fashion legend Sir Paul Smith as the Design Museum announced the forthcoming exhibition about his life’s works to assembled journos.

What is most exciting about this November’s exhibition ‘Hello, My Name Is Sir Paul Smith’, is not only the retrospective of the distinctive fashion styles that have built this brand into a global operation, but the recreation of Paul’s personal office space.

This room is the subject of many legendary stories (some of which he hinted at today, including the deliveries of LOTS of random presents sent by fans across the globe – spinning tops or cow bells anyone?) and much of his inspiration.
Crammed from floor to ceiling with all types of paraphernalia, it is as much a part of the brand as the striped linings of his suits, floral patterns of his shirts, and narrow silhouettes.

We’d like to know more about your work spaces – a quick description, a photo over twitter, a sketch – are you similarly as heavy in influence, or are you a minimalist desk-space thinker; outdoors and open to the elements, or away from the world hidden in a basement?


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