Maeve adds range to EV aircraft with digital twin redesign

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Maeve Aerospace is accelerating the development of Maeve 01, its next-generation, zero emission, all-electric passenger aircraft, with the digital twin proving key to stretching its range and adding on economies.

Unveiled at the 2023 Paris Air Show, Maeve 01 will allow over 40 passengers to travel a distance of 250nmi, with the craft producing zero emissions while doing so – taking only 35 minutes to recharge when on the ground.

With a team of just 32 employees, the company is based at the YesDelft Incubator on the TU Delft Campus which is at the heart of aviation technology in the Netherlands.

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The Maeve 01 can ‘refuel’ its batteries in little over 30 minutes

Maeve CTO Martin Nuesseler has overseen a redesign of the initial concept, optimising the earlier aircraft using a wide range of tools in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. The former head of engineering for the Airbus A350XWB fuselage, and CTO at Deutsche Aircraft, Nuesseler has a holistic view to make 01 the best all-electric aircraft possible.

Creating a digital twin of its all-electric powertrain and executing full thermal and safety simulations on its in-house designed aircraft dedicated battery system, has enabled Maeve to significantly reduce the overall weight of the aircraft.

By doing so, this has resulted in the reduction of aircraft structures, delivering an increase in propulsion and battery capacity. Compared to existing turboprop aircraft, the design of the Maeve 01 reduces operating costs of such aircraft by 30%.

“Maeve, like many aerospace industry innovators, is adopting Siemens Xcelerator as the platform of choice for the development of next-generation vehicles,” said Todd Tuthill, VP aerospace and defense, Siemens Digital Industries Software.


“To meet market demands, sustainability requirements and remain competitive, aerospace companies need new ways to deliver products faster and Siemens’ goal is to help our customers push the boundaries of innovation while making digital transformation easy, fast, and at scale.”

Sustainable regional airline brand Lucy has already placed an order for 10 Maeve 01 aircraft, as operators look to forge a new path for more ecologically sound means of travel.


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