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ZG Technology MarvelScan 3D Laser scanner gets UK launch

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The new MarvelScan 3D Laser scanner from ZG Technology has added marker-free abilities and an independent built-in photogrammetry system, with the Chinese-developed system now available in the UK.

Available through reseller 3D Scanning Solutions, the new handheld MarvelScan 3D scanner uses a blue laser source and has three application-oriented scanning modes.

The system boasts a Standard Mode of scanning at a detail of 0.02mm for scanning large objects at speed, while a fine scanning mode allows the capture of small detail down to 0.01mm. A single laser mode helps scan areas that were previously difficult to access.

Marvelscan 3D Scanner aerospaceThis detail is enabled by the varying scanning modes – 11 pairs of cross-cross laser beams for standard; and additional five fine scanning laser beams, and one ‘deep-hole’ scanning laser beam for parts with hard to access sections.

Wireless capability is enabled when the device is paired with additional ZG Freebox, which adds a 30 metre range for the device when scanning, although the tethered connection using USB3.0 allows the transmission of data at high speed – improving the scanning frame rate.

The MarvelScan has a claimed scanning speed up to 1.35 million measurements per second, and the ability to scan black and shiny surfaces directly without the need for any matting spray agent.

Models can be exported as STP or IGS files,  while the bundled software offers a range of standard point cloud processing as well as features such as model comparison detection.


According to ZG Technology, the MarvelScan is able to provide ‘one-click detection report generation’, with the scanner able to detect and analyse the geometry size, shape and tolerances, and ‘automatically produce’ the detection report.

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