Teach Yourself: Intro to Python scripting

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An introduction to teaching yourself Python programming for generating geometry

Python is an open source programming language used for Rhino 3D, and one that we’re seeing designers and engineers from all industries getting hand-rubbing-ly excited about.

Used on projects from jewellery design to figuring out how to support the roof of the London Olympics Aquatic Centre, it offers masses of flexibility for designers.

It’s typically easier to learn and use than other non-scripting style languages like C#, or C++, yet is quite powerful, making it ideal for automating repetitive tasks in Rhino and generating geometry using algorithms.
That said, algorithms can be some fear inducing stuff, especially if digging into coding and higher maths isn’t your cup of tea, so we set out to find the best introduction to the process.

We ended up at Designalyze, the best site for explaining the baby steps of the process, developing into some fully blown tutorials for Python lovers.

This is video one of its 24 part introduction series, and should be of interest whatever industry and CAD software you’re currently plying your trade in/with.



Check out more Designalyze tutorials here (we recommend getting the screen size as large as possible to make sure you can make out all those coding characters).

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