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5 Ways a small 3D Scanning business got through Lockdown

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Angela and Daniel Carson set up Surface Scan Limited at the start of 2020 and have had to hit the ground running no thanks to Covid-19 and the restrictions this has placed on the manufacturing and engineering industry.

This has not stopped Surface Scan attracting new business throughout the current global pandemic, collaborating with a number of designers, engineers and manufacturers across the UK on both single prototypes and batch production projects.

Offering 3D Scanning, reverse engineering services and SLS 3D Printing from their base in Kent, Surface Scan managing director Daniel Carson, explains that 2020 has been a whirlwind of activity for the company, despite their initial fears.

“Since the outbreak of Covid 19 we have a spike in demand for innovative 3D scanning solutions. Clients are getting more creative in their designs and we’ve been helping their ideas become reality.”

Angela and Daniel Carson Surface Scan Limited
Angela and Daniel Carson, Surface Scan Limited

How Surface Scan helped its business benefit from lockdown

Angela and Daniel Carson talk us through five key points that have helped their new business take hold during lockdown


1 Time To Think
Ideas that’ve been on the back burner for a while have now come to the forefront of peoples minds. We have worked with a lot of designers that now have time to make their ideas a reality. They’ve utilised our 3D scan to print service to create prototypes in record times.

2 Changing Numbers
We’ve seen a spike in demand for low volume print runs. Manufacturers are not as confident in market demands as they were at the beginning of the year.  They are reluctant to sink money into holding lots of stock.


3 Speed To Market
Companies are reacting to market changes quickly.  They prefer the speed and control of using 3D printing rather than traditional manufacturing techniques.

4 Reducing Delays
Due to issues in transporting goods from overseas during Covid-19, companies are preferring to use a UK company to help cut out any potential delays.

5 On Your Doorstep
We have seen a general change in attitude towards keeping it local. Our clients are much more conscious about supporting their local economy.

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