Zortrax Inkspire 2

Zortrax rolls out Inkspire 2 UV LCD 3D printer

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Zortrax has introduced Inkspire 2 3D printer, which aims to combine precision with high speed, and is compatible with most high-grade engineering resins like Henkel/Loctite and BASF Forward AM.

Advertised as a high-end professional UV LCD 3D printer, the Inkspire 2 should have a four times larger build area (192 x 120 x 280 mm) and a seven times more powerful light engine than the previous model.

Designed to work with quality resins, and to ensure an easy, automated, and user-friendly operation at the same time, the 3D printer should feature a proprietary light engine, developed entirely in-house by Zortrax, which should provide the same levels of UV exposure across the entire platform, so the users should achieve the same quality, regardless of whether the models are placed in the centre or on the edges of the platform.

Zortrax said that the printing parameters for every supported engineering resin introduced to their portfolio, have been thoroughly validated to certify that mechanical and thermal properties achieved in parts 3D printed on the Inkspire 2 match or even exceed those declared by the manufacturer.

Overall, there should be four resin lines dedicated to the Inkspire 2: elastomeric resins, rigid/tough resins, castable resins and basic resins. According to the 3D printer manufacturer, this list is going to be expanded in the future.

“What we aimed at, while working on the Inkspire 2, was creating an innovative resin 3D printer advanced enough to serve the most durable resins on the market,” said Zortrax resin technology leader Artur Chendoszko.

“Similarly crucial for us was also delivering the highest quality across the entire platform and making the process as automated and clean as possible. We’ve reached this goal through a series of high-end features introduced in the Inkspire 2. It is now able to serve resins originally dedicated to other technologies, like DLP, and 3D print the most demanding engineering resins by leading worldwide resin manufacturers, like Henkel/Loctite and BASF Forward AM. The Inkspire 2 also stands out with its high automation and uniform quality of prints at every point of the build platform.”


Inkspire 2 should also be easier to operate thanks to the automation of most processes such as the resin level sensor which measures the amount of resin needed to 3D print a certain model.

As well as the Inkspire 3D printer, Zortrax introduced two new post-processing devices, Zortrax Cleaning Station, and Zortrax Curing Station.

Zortrax Cleaning Station’s purpose is to remove excess resin from the models’ surfaces, as well as nooks and crannies, whereas Zortrax Curing Station was developed to provide UV curing once resin 3D printing and cleaning have been completed.

Zortrax Cleaning Station, due to its high-volume tank, should be able to clean relatively large models, 3D printed on nearly any resin 3D printer available on the market.

Zortrax said that the cleaning and curing stations as well as Inkspire 2, have been validated by top resin manufacturers such as BASF Forward AM and Henkel/Loctite, who have post-processed the sample 3D prints and then tested them to confirm they were compliant with all the properties declared for the applied resin.

These devices should be able to operate independently of the 3D printer with different technologies, such as UV LCD, DLP and SLA.

With these additions, Zortrax said it aims to shift the perception of resin 3D printing: whereas it has for long been associated with applications for low-resistance models, the Polish manufacturer wants to demonstrate that now, with the durable engineering resins, which are functional equivalents of most resistant filaments, one can successfully print both prototypes and final models using resin 3D printing only.

“Bringing our system into your business, you can easily create your own manufacturing facility, equip your factory with high-quality, reliable, and professional machines that work for you, or combine them into farms,” concluded Zortrax CEO Mariusz Babula.

“Our trio complements one another and is most powerful together, but each individual machine is a true game-changer in its own category. The Inkspire 2 is able to work with most advanced resins available. Zortrax Curing Station and Zortrax Cleaning Station are stand-alone devices that can be successfully used to support also other types of resin 3D printers on the market.”

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