Protomold announce new Liquid Silicone Rubber injection moulding service

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Protomold has announced its new Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection moulding service, a versatile material for use in an abundance of industries.

The company specialises in fast turnaround, and the LSR service is no different to its standard thermoplastic capabilities.

Even though LSR is a thermosetting, two-component mixture, cooled before being injected into a heated mould and vulcanised to produce the final moulded part [which we all knew…], cured using a platinum catalyst, with a permanent moulded condition [naturally…] Protomold can produce just 25, to more than 5,000 parts, that can be delivered in no more than three weeks.
To add to the speed, users can upload a 3D CAD model using Protomold’s secure website and receive an interactive quote within one business day, accompanied by a geometrical analysis of the part and design-for-manufacture recommendations.