XYZPrinting continues its shift into the professional 3D printing market

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The new large volume SLS MfgPro230 xS

Known predominantly for its wide range of 3D printers for the education and consumer markets, XYZPrinting has a backstory worthy of a dark and brooding superhero – it’s owners are a huge contract manufacturer.

Its parent company, New Kinpo Group, are OEMs for a huge range of electronics brands and products [fun fact: chances are that if you’ve ever used a digital calculator, NKG made it] and has the manufacturing and factory nous to move its 3D printing kit into the realm of professional additive manufacturing.

The first signs of this were mentioned at the end of 2018, and already its professional range is expanding – with more still to come – adding the large volume SLS MfgPro230 xS to the range.
With a build volume of 230 x 230 x 230mm and a 30w laser, the printer can reportedly print at up to one litre per hour, making it a pretty nippy option.

“This is an exciting time for the company,” said XYZprinting EMEA MD Fernando Hernandez.

“Industrial 3D printers are a huge growth area for us and in the industry as a whole, and we’ve already made huge strides by developing some of the fastest, most precise and cost-effective printers on the market, with further printers due out later this year.”


A colour-binder in the shape of the PartPro350 xBC can produce multicolour prototypes at a speed of 18mm per hour for its fully loaded 222 x 350 x 200 build volume, something XYZPrinting is claiming is ‘150 per cent faster’ than other colour binder technologies.

The printer offers full-colour printing in one process, integrating all steps and curing, colouring and 3D stacking at once, with CMY three-colour ink and transparent binders.

Desktop options for the design studio continue to be headed by the PartPro300 xT FDM 3D printer, with a 195 x 270 x 300m heated build chamber letting it print a wide range of materials via its dual extrusion.

However, the arrival of the large form-factor machines seem to relate more to the future promise of the brand and its manufacturing prowess, in which 3D printing reportedly plays an important part.

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