Stratasys launches faster J850 multi-material 3D printer

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Nearly twice as fast and with an extra materials bay over its predecessor, Stratasys has unveiled the new flagship of its PolyJet 3D printing line-up, the J850.

‘Designed for designers’ is the key pitch from Stratasys, which has worked hard in upgrading the J750 in order to make colour 3D prototyping more of a reality – adding physical benefits to the printer to match up with work on the software (Pantone Validated colour referencing) and materials (fast printing DraftGrey and the new VeroUltraClear material for high clarity).

The new Super High Speed Mode married with the DraftGrey promises prints at double the speed of the J750, so should allow designers more time for concept iterations.

A larger materials capacity for 7 core materials plus another bay for Stratasys’ soluble support material means less swap over time, while enabling designers to print detailed 14 micron layers, with a full range of colour, transparency and flexibility combinations in a single part.

Fully supported by GrabCAD Print software, the J850 can 3D print directly from the user’s CAD software and adding material/colour selections – avoid time and complexity previously associated with converting STL files.


Material type selection, of which all can be combined in a single print

“The new J850 has been built to meet the needs of the full design process in industries such as consumer goods, consumer electronics, automotive, as well as education settings,” said Stratasys VP of PolyJet Shamir Shoham.

“Typically, that process includes two separate streams: evaluating geometric shape with a physical single-color model, and considering color and texture on the screen. The J850 merges these two mediums into one full-color, multi-material model to make better design decisions, earlier.”

The launch marks a new biannual technology launch cycle from Stratasys, which has also included a new range of production grade materials for the Stratasys Fortus F900, and F370 3D printer.

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