New SimScale platform delivers simulation through a browser

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SimScale can simulate linear static behaviour, plus many other analysis capabilities for structural, fluid and thermodynamic.

SimScale‘ is a new browser-based engineering simulation platform that allocates ‘cloud’ computing resources on demand. It uses a pay-per-use pricing model though it is free to try out.

The platform is said to support an open and complete simulation workflow straight from CAD models. Users upload a STEP, IGES, BREP or STL file then specify a simulation via an interactive 3D viewer.
The platform supports a number of meshing algorithms and users can select from a range of analysis types for structural mechanics, fluid dynamics and thermodynamics. For post processing the platform includes online 3D visualization and data filters. Results can be downloaded for further analysis or for local visualisation.

On signing up to the SimScale platform, new users are automatically put on a ‘Free’-plan, which comes with a free monthly simulation quota. Those who want to use more powerful hardware or run more simulations than the quota can upgrade to the ‘Professional’ plan.

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