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XJet adds automation with new SMART AM part washer

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Xjet has launched a new SMART station (Support Material Automatic Removal Technology), a new system to automate the post-processing of XJet parts.

The equipment is heralded as the last link in the chain for automated end-to-end additive manufacturing using XJet NanoParticle Jetting, which produces high detail ceramic and metal parts.

XJet SMART works alongside all XJet Carmel AM systems, automating the removal of its soluble support material and eliminating dependency on operator expertise.

The easy-to-use water-based system has a selection of programs that differ by water level, flow rate and other parameters to suit any given tray of parts, which the SMART system suggests for the user through algorithms.

“Now XJet’s award-winning soluble support material becomes even easier to remove, making part production really easy and allowing virtually any geometry as water can access even the smallest channels that XJet ultra high-quality printing enables,” said XJet CBO Dror Danai.

“This is all part of XJet’s drive to support manufacturers in a true production environment.

“XJet technology is designed for manufacturers who want to build better parts for real-world applications. We examine the whole workflow to see what can be done to reduce production time, minimise operational costs, and ensure the premium quality of parts is repeatable.”


The soluble support material works with all its ceramic and metal build materials, giving the ability to gently melt away the support to ensure ultra-fine details and complex geometries of parts are preserved throughout the post-processing process.

The introduction of end-to-end automation – from support generation to support removal – allows users to produce premium quality parts, with all the benefits of additive manufacturing.

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