FreshFiber launch 3D printed iPhone cases

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I picked this up from the folks at Freedom of Creation (or FOC for short). A Dutch outfit called Fresh Fiber has just started producing iPhone cases using 3D printing technology. There’s no information about what process they’re using as yet, but I’ll be investigating and get back to you.

Truly fascinating. The ability to create customised products, either by the consumer or to create limited edition runs (Freedom of Creation’s Janne Kyttanen designed the one shown above) is something that the rapid prototyping/direct manufacturing/fabber community has talked about for many years – and it’s finally starting to happen. Looking at the forms there are decorative models, but the one that captured my imagination was Kyttanen’s design, which features a dual layer of shock absorption using forms that would be very difficult to mould in a single peice.

Here’s a short interview with FreshFiber founder Christian Dijkhof, courtesy of

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