X-Series Desktop Metal binder jetting range 3D Printers

X-Series range boosts Desktop Metal product reach for AM

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The triple-headed X-Series line of AM solutions from Desktop Metal has been announced, as the company ramps up its plans to “aggressively” drive additive manufacturing into mass production, in part through the technology derived from the acquisition of ExOne in 2021.

The rebadged ExOne 3D printers – including the InnoventX, mid-sized X25Pro and the world’s largest metal binder jet system, the X160Pro featuring a build area of 800 x 500 x 400mm – will be offered with Desktop Metal vendor support, as well as its build preparation and sintering simulation software applications.

The line of binder jet 3D printing systems maintains the focus on production using speciality materials, including ceramics, enabled by its Triple ACT technology, an advanced compaction technology for dispensing, spreading and compacting powders during the binder jet printing process.

The open material platform architecture is capable of binding together a wide range of powders with a D50 of three to 100 microns.

“Desktop Metal’s X-Series printers give customers more choices than ever when it comes to binder jet additive manufacturing,” said Desktop Metal CEO Ric Fulop.

“Our team is moving aggressively to drive additive manufacturing into mass production through a focused strategy of production-capable printers, high-performance materials, and key applications.

“Binder jetting is the key technology that enables all the benefits additive manufacturing has to offer at scale, from reduced waste to more efficient, lower-risk supply chains.”


Desktop Metals says that its X-Series printers are targeting repeatable delivery of tight dimensional tolerances and densities of 97-99% or greater, putting it in line with or surpassing technologies such as metal injection moulding or gravity castings. Surface roughness values as low as 4 µm (Ra) can reportedly be achieved directly out of the furnace.

The InnoventX is the most compact binder jet 3D printer in the portfolio. Launched in 2018, the easy-to-use system features Triple ACT and a piezoelectric printhead and is focussed on education and research into materials, as well as prototyping.

X25Pro is a mid-volume advanced binder jet 3D printer for the production of metal, ceramic and composite parts ramping the technology up towards prototyping needs and rapid short-run production.

Capable of output of up to 3,120 cc/hr, the X160Pro offers four binder resin options, with what Desktop Metal states as the ability to run 24/7  production.

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