Heinz-meanz-designz – the best of 2011 so far?

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Our favourite design of 2011 so far. What’s yours?

Heinz’s new “Dip & Squeeze” ketchup packet is getting more space in the design press than it will ever take up in your local fast food restaurant of choice.

Although a year late having been held up by a patent lawsuit, it appears to be the burger and fries spearhead of a golden age in its global design ethos – along with its move to more environmentally friendly packaging for its bottles, and last year’s resealable fridge tubs for its beans.

So are these optimistic plans coming out of hard times (oil prices are high and the new plant-based materials are cheaper for Heinz)?, or the final throes of the pre-recession plans finding their way to market? Either way, the design is brilliant and it makes us want chips.

Let us know your favourite designs of 2011 so far below the line.


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