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Ansys set to be acquired for $35Bn by Synopsys

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Synopsys has announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement where it will buy Ansys for approximately $35 billion in 2025 – bringing together Synopsys’ semiconductor Electronic Design Automation (EDA) with Ansys’ simulation and analysis portfolio.

California-based Synopsys is focussed on providing tools and services for the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry, for which Ansys provides simulation and analysis for the bigger systems that the chips fit into – including electro thermal CFD simulation, power integrity and tool like Sherlock for complete life predictions for electronics components.

On top of this is Ansys’ wider selection of tools for aerospace, automotive, sensors, space, optics and additive manufacturing.

“The megatrends of AI, silicon proliferation and software-defined systems are requiring more compute performance and efficiency in the face of growing, systemic complexity,”
said Synopsys CEO Sassine Ghazi.

“Bringing together Synopsys’ industry-leading EDA solutions with Ansys’ world-class simulation and analysis capabilities will enable us to deliver a holistic, powerful and seamlessly integrated silicon to systems approach to innovation to help maximize the capabilities of technology R&D teams across a broad range of industries.

“This is the logical next step for our successful, seven-year partnership with Ansys and I look forward to working closely with Ajei and the talented Ansys team to realize the benefits of this combination for our customers, shareholders and employees.”

Synopsys and Ansys have highlighted their complementary businesses and significant expansion opportunities, focussing on Silicon to Systems strategy and ‘attractive adjacent growth areas’ such as Automotive, Aerospace and Industrial, where Ansys has an established presence.


As expected for a deal totalling more than the annual GDP of 79 of the 177 countries listed by the World Bank, most of the information coming out of the deal is for the people wearing Patagonia vests and chinos, but there’s little to grasp at for what this means for engineers dealing with aircraft vibrations, hydraulic systems or any of the other myriad sectors Ansys touch upon.

Ansys CEO Ajei Gopal had this to say: “For more than 50 years, Ansys has enabled customers to design, develop and deliver cutting-edge products that are limited only by imagination. By joining forces with Synopsys, we will amplify our joint efforts to drive new levels of customer innovation… The combined company will accelerate the development of our joint portfolio and deliver an increased level of innovation, which will benefit Ansys’ traditional customers.”

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