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CloudMilling cloud-native CAM acquired by PTC for Onshape

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PTC has acquired cloud-native CAM solution CloudMilling, allowing it to add ‘accessible from anywhere on any device’ CAM functionality to its Onshape platform.

Like Onshape, CloudMilling was designed for the cloud while offering familiar features for machinists and engineers, including 2-Axis and 5-Axis tool paths capable of being generated ‘in a matter of seconds’; a fully integrated tool library that keeps track across all workspaces, and real-time visualisation capabilities for following tool paths, tracking stock changes, and verifying material removal.

“Delivering CAM functionality as part of Onshape will help our customers create even more as they demonstrate what’s possible with cloud-native product development,”
said Onshape senior VP David Katzman.

“CloudMilling has developed a solution that offers the high-quality cloud experience and benefits that our Onshape customers expect. We’re thrilled to have the CloudMilling team join Onshape and we look forward to seeing what our customers create with CAM.”

By being on the Cloud, CloudMilling says its workspaces can handle hundreds of parts simultaneously, each with their own job and related operations – potentially allowing users to machine an entire car and all of its individual components in a single workspace, while enabling users to group hundreds of related parts together, each with their own set of tool paths.

Dynamic set-ups mean that users are also able to machine every orientation of a part without rotating it to the machining axis, with no need to touch CAD.

“We share the Onshape team’s vision for a cloud and mobile-first world for product development,” said CloudMilling CEO Michael Johnson. “We’re proud to have introduced the industry’s only cloud-native CAM solution and we look forward to expanding its access and use as part of Onshape.”


CloudMilling’s CAM functionality is expected to be available directly in Onshape in early 2023.


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