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Tough Clear material launched for end use parts on Figure 4

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A new Tough Clear material has been launched for 3D System’s Figure 4 SLA 3D Printer, opening new industrial applications for the machine and users requiring long-term use parts.

In addition to lenses, light guides and lighting covers, the material looks ideal for high volume, small part applications such as brackets, snap-fits and fasteners, and consumer goods packaging.

According to 3D Systems, Figure 4 Tough Clear has been tested to 8 years of indoor and one and a half years outdoor mechanical performance per ASTM D4329 and ASTM G154 methods, ensuring that printed parts remain functional and stable for long periods in real-world conditions.

Post processing helps the material to reach an excellent clarity – enhancing light transmission and reflection for lenses, light guides and lighting covers – while also boasting impact strength, tensile strength, and elongation properties.

“3D printing is the most cost-effective method to produce clear parts, and with the introduction of Figure 4 Tough Clear, we’re giving our customers a path to reduce their time to market,” said Dr. Edwin Hortelano, senior vice president, materials engineering & development, 3D Systems.

“With our new Figure 4 Tough Clear material, customers now have a production-grade material designed for long-term stability.”

3D Systems also announced an addition to its increasing open materials strategy for selective laser sintering, with DuraForm PAx Black – a ‘lower cost, highly recyclable’ nylon copolymer for industrial applications.

A seat armrest produced in DuraForm PAx Black

Said to have properties similar to injection moulded plastics, DuraForm PAx Black features high impact resistance with high elongation at break in any direction.

The material has been designed to be used with any commercially-available selective laser sintering 3D printer, regardless of the manufacturer – facilitating ease of integration into existing production workflows.

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