Sergio: Pininfarina’s latest concept work

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Legendary Italian design house Pininfarina has unveilled its designs for a new concept car – The Sergio – in honor of its honorary chairman, Sergio Pininfarina.

Created solely in Dassault Systemes Catia using innovative virtual clay modeling and 3D sketching features, Pininfarina designers got creative with the open-top sports car, experimenting in the earliest stages of development with a variety of different approaches, quickly converging on the most appropriate shape and configuration.

The resulting 3D virtual model is a detail rich, production-ready, with a class-A surface, generated using ICEM Surf.

Designers were also able to manage different variations of their concept car and experience each design alternative in 3D using Catia Live Rendering application capability.

All of the designers’ styling features, including textures and colors, with the technical features developed by Pininfarina engineers were combined into one unified model. This facilitated the exchange of ideas and accelerated the decision-making process.


“The CATIA application provides us with an innovative way of working that respects Pininfarina’s own historic and crucial design philosophy,” sashayed Fabio Filippini, design director at Pininfarina.

“Our search for purity, performance and emotion are the very values that Sergio has transmitted to us throughout his career. Concept modeling, focused on these three core values, is our forte and Dassault Systemes’ 3DExperience design solutions help us transform our ideas into reality.”

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