New Maxwell Render plug-ins announced for SolidWorks, Rhino and others

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New plug-ins mean more colourful ways to get the best render results

Next Limit Technologies has announced a series of new plugins to boost productivity and fix bugs in its Maxwell Render visualisation software.

The plug-ins are all available free for users working in Rhino and SolidWorks, as well as Cinema4D, SketchUp and Houdini.

The SolidWorks release features updates to Maxwell Render 3.1.1 binaries and support for OpenVDB (i.e. Volume File) to Volumetric extension.
Fixes include resolving the colour param that failed to work properly in the Transparent material type, and viewport materials that were not updated on some types of changes.

Rhino sees the same updates and fixes, with the bonus of more parameters being added to the Maxwell_EnvironmentSettings and Maxwell_OutputSettings commands.