PolyNURBS to take generative design to ‘next level’ in solidThinking Inspire 2016

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inspire 2016 looks to accelerates the path towards cost-effective manufacturing – including 3D printing

The latest featured-packed release of solidThinking Inspire 2016 is set to introduce what the company is calling ‘groundbreaking PolyNURBS functionality’.

A new PolyNURBS toolset allows users to create geometry from optimised results faster than traditional CAD modelling, claiming to let users flow optimised designs into manufacturable products by wrapping topology results with NURBS geometry.

Such results would expand the number of use cases for the software and accelerates the path towards cost-effective manufacturing – including 3D printing.

PolyNURBS function offers to wrap topology results with NURBS geometry


Key Updates for Inspire 2016 include:
– PolyNURBS – Create manufacturable designs from topology optimisation results with NURBS geometry using a simple workflow
– Results Comparisons – Identify the best design directions by comparing multiple loading scenarios in one table
– New Load Types – Consider temperature loads, velocity, acceleration, G-loads, and enforced displacement to simulate precise loading conditions

“Inspire embodies our vision to make simulation available across multiple user communities to facilitate innovation,” says Altair founder, chairman and CEO James R. Scapa.

“We are excited to be deploying this technology through our global channel partners with their deep domain knowledge and expertise.”

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