Osprey Online new webshop by Sandvik

Sandvik opens powder webshop Osprey Online

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Sandvik has announced its new e-commerce solution Osprey Online, which promises premium quality alloys, fast shipping, and expertise.

The online platform will start by selling titanium powders, maraging steel and nickel-based superalloys, as well as stainless steels such as duplex and super duplex, austenitic, martensitic, and precipitation hardening steels.

All these materials should be available through an easy, on-demand platform accessible from any device, at any time.

The Swedish additive manufacturing company announced that Osprey Online will service Europe as a first step, but is expected to extend to additional markets shortly.

The e-commerce service was inaugurated in a special episode of the interactive webinar series Additive By Sandvik: Material Matters.

During the 30-minute special edition episode, aired on Tuesday, April 11, Sandvik’s experts in metal powders and additive manufacturing, offered thousands of viewers insights into the platform and its alloys.

“It was such a great honour to take part in this webinar, and to finally unveil Osprey Online in full,” said Sandvik sales director Luke Harris.


“Getting to interact with the audience while presenting this solution and the ways in which it can make a true difference in our customers’ businesses, was so rewarding. Now we’re eagerly anticipating feedback, to keep improving and remain the most customer-centric partner we can be.”

Sandvik, who claims to offer the widest range of AM alloys on the market, said the demand for easily accessible powder metal for AM has increased in recent years and is due to grow by 25% by 2025.

This emerged from Sandvik’s biannual customer survey, which also indicated that customers need shorter lead times and on-demand materials.

Sandvik promises to ship materials from its warehouses to customers within 48h of online purchase. Buying powder directly from stock also cut users’ workload as they will no longer need to interact with the internal sales team.

“Of course, we want to remain the experts in our field,” said Harris, “but we also know that it’s key for our customers to be able to cut that middle step out when they need to.”

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