Prime Cuts: Green Lite means go

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It’s small, precariously thin-looking, can hit a top speed of 85mph and can top 100mpg – ladies and gents I give you the Green Lite… er… it doesn’t have a name yet, but what it would like to be called is the ‘future of transport’.

With its list of credentials it seems to fit the bill.

Essentially a motorcycle with a fixed body and even roll cage, it has space for two passengers and some of the luxuries of standard automobile transport. It’s a hybrid fuel and electrical vehicle meaning it can be used over long distances; you can ride it in the bus or express lanes to avoid traffic jams; and things like road tax and London’s delightful Congestion Charge would be cut to a minimum.

Its engineering is such that the three-wheeler leans into a corner, giving it greater stability on the road than its skinny, upright stance would have you believe, all of which was engineered in Autodesk Inventor to give the team behind it a manufacturable model that could also be rendered to be used as promotional material.


Tops off: The prototype takes to the road, showing it’s ability to lean

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