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Markforged announces Metal X Gen 2, Next Day Metal, and more

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Markforged has announced three new products to its 3D printing platform, including hardware additions the Metal X Gen 2 and X7 Field Edition, as well as a new OTA software update Next Day Metal.

The Metal X Gen 2 builds on its predecessor, launched back in 2017, with key hardware developments to improve user experience and increase operator safety to make metal 3D printing even easier.

The new external 7″ touchscreen has been relocated outside of the build chamber zone to reduce the risk of contact with moving or heated components. The 3D printer also gains door position sensors that automatically pause active prints when the door is open, while improved chamber insulation shortens warm-up times, and improves print consistency.

To coincide with the introduction of the Metal X Gen 2, Markforged is also releasing Next Day Metal across its entire global fleet of metal printers.

This over-the-air software update reportedly unlocks print speeds ‘up to twice as fast as before’ to produce high quality, strong metal parts.

The software allocates more accurate wash and dry times — an essential step in Markforged’s metal 3D printing process — especially for smaller parts, shortening the required de-bind cycle time.

These factors, combined with an approximately 17-hour ‘small parts express run’ on Markforged’s Sinter-2 post-processing oven, can give manufacturers the parts they need more quickly.

Sinter 2 Oven Markforged
Parts heading into the Sinter 2 oven for Next Day Metal

The final release is the X7 Field Edition (X7 FE), designed to allow Markforged technology to be deployed in the most demanding environments to tackle remote location supply chain challenges.

The ruggedised model comes equipped in its own Pelican case, which contains all the tools, spare parts, and materials required for maintenance and repair operations in the field, as well as looking very cool.

“Manufacturers are up against many challenges in today’s market — from supply chain challenges like rising supply costs and shipping delays to increased pressure from the market to innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition,” said Markforged CEO Shai Terem.

“Since Markforged shipped our first printer, we’ve been committed to quality and continuous improvement, always looking for simpler, smarter, and more robust ways to empower our customers to build anything they can imagine.

“The addition of the Metal X (Gen 2), Next Day Metal, and the X7 FE to our Digital Forge are important steps towards reinventing manufacturing today so that we are all more resilient tomorrow anywhere in the world.”

The Metal X Gen 2 and Next Day Metal are available today. The X7 FE is available for pre-order today, and will ship beginning fall of 2021.

Markforged X7FE
The Markforged Markforged X7FE comes equipped with its own rotomoulded pelican case

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