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Swatchbook expands with SRGN footwear collaboration

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Swatchbook and SRGN Academy have announced a collaboration that will allow Swatchbook Remix users to customise and design their own footwear.

SRGN is a Los Angeles-based collective of creatives focusing on footwear customisation, with the new version of the Swatchbook app allowing users to virtually test out combinations of materials and finishes for a wide range of footwear.

Designs can be placed in the real world using the integrated AR feature, which captures the lighting from the environment the item is placed in. Users can continue to edit their designs while viewing them in AR and share their designs through social media.

swatchbook srgn academy collaborationThe partnership includes a variety of new categories and designs for the app, with the promise of regular releases of new silhouettes and materials from the Swatchbook catalogue. Subscribers will also be invited to participate in design competitions.

These new features will give designers a wider variety of tools to select from when using Remix, which features digital materials that can be designed three dimensionally.

Remix, Swatchbook’s design app, is available on Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision Pro. Subscriptions start at $9.99 a month.

Swatchbook features the world’s largest library of digital materials as well as tools to help designers with creating products in a 3D setting.


“Now with Swatchbook, not only our students but any creative is able to visualise their ideas digitally, and with incredible detail,” said SRGN Academy founder Dominic Ciambrone.

“Through Remix you get to see your vision come to life right away before making the first cut, from anywhere in the world.”

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