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Formlabs Fuse 1 gets Nylon 11 powder

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Formlabs has been busy expanding its material line-up for its selective laser sintering Fuse 1 3D printer, with the new launch of Nylon 11 Powder.

Formlabs states that the new materials was developed to bolster design and creation capabilities with low cost per part.

According to Formlabs, its Nylon 11 Powder requires less training and additional equipment needed compared to other PA11 materials on the market, “expanding the functionality of the Fuse 1 and enabling users to print end-use parts that can handle wear and tear over time, all in-house,” explained a spokesperson.

When used with the new material, Fuse 1, Formlabs’ SLS 3D printer enables users to print functional parts.

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Nylon 11 properties suit end-use parts that have to handle impacts and wear and tear over time


Nylon 11 Powder’s ductile, strong, and flexible qualities suit end-use parts that must be able to take impact and handle wear and tear over time, including snaps, clips, and hinges.

Formlabs says that the launch of the latest powder material is one of many it plans to release for the Fuse 1, reaffirming the company’s vision as being a complete solution for end-use 3D printing by expanding the versatility of powder-based materials.


Formlabs engineering vertical lead Kathy Bui, said: “Engineers, product designers, and manufacturers choose industrial 3D printers for design freedom, the ability to customise end-use parts, and speed in bringing products to market.

“Nylon 11 Powder’s robust characteristics make it ideal for creating end-use parts and functional prototypes like sports equipment or flexible hinges when impact resistance and ductility is key in delivering peak performance while optimising cost per part.”

First announced in 2017 the Fuse 1 3D Printer was finally launched in January 2021, where it launched with a sole Nylon 12 material.

Formlabs Fuse 1 3D Printer launches new chapter of laser sintering

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