Create UK – launch of cross sector initiative to boost creative industries

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Create UK is pledging £16m to the UK’s creative industries

Last night the Creative Industry Council (CIC) launched cross-sector business strategy – pledging £16m to the country’s creative industries.

Including fashion, film, games, literature publishing, architecture, crafts, graphic design, and (somewhere amongst it all) product design; its aim is to double the sector’s annual exports to £31 billion by 2020.

The launch was held at Facebook’s UK headquarters where its VP for Europe Nicola Mendelson, is also co-chair of the CIC committee.

BRIT Awards, Daleks and the Tardis look on as Facebook VP Nicola Mendelson announces the cross-sector initiative


Mendelson, said: “The sector plays a significant role in the economy and how the UK is viewed on the global stage but we are trading in an increasingly competitive marketplace and cannot take our position for granted.

“Together we need to continue this momentum to ensure we are inspiring and equipping the next generation of talent to make our creative industries a success.”

The creative industries revenue grew by 9.4 per cent last year – faster than any other business sector, including finance – generating £71.4 billion for the UK economy.

Design (as a sub group amongst all this) accounted for £131 million last year, with the UK having the second largest design sector in the world.

Business Secretary Vince Cable was on hand, and keen to offer government support for the project wherever it was needed, although part of the plan is to win over its support for education, funding, infrastructure, exports, and importantly, stronger intellectual property protection.

For example, the strategy calls for a government-funded public awareness campaign around IP, and to make it easier for smaller businesses to navigate the complex systems surrounding it.

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