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F3300 preview reveals Stratasys’ most advanced FDM 3D printer

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The F3300 will be the most sophisticated industrial 3D printer on the market, says Stratasys in a preview of the latest large format FDM printer from its F (formerly Fortus) range.

With a full unveiling on 7 November, Stratasys says that the 3D printer will be begin shipping at the beginning of 2024.

Key advancements in the F3300 are said to include increased gantry speeds, faster extrusion rates and autocalibration to enable faster 3D printing, while a reported 25% increase in accuracy promises higher part quality and yields.

Stratasys F3300 tool heads WEB
The build chamber of the F3300, and its four, very clean new toolheads

Machine monitoring is promised, although little has been added to that in terms of how much more advanced it will be from existing F-range 3D printers.

One of the biggest claims is that it will lower costs with 25-45% savings against other Stratasys FDM solutions. It’s unclear if this is simply down to the size of the F3300 or that it features four printheads.

Judging by the accompanying images, the F3300 is a sizeable, floor-standing unit that probably exceeds the footprint of the existing F900, although in the preview the machine is said to ‘complement’ the’ F900 – what that means in real terms, we’ll find out next week.

“This next-generation additive manufacturing system empowers customers to scale production and reduce the need to compromise between additive and traditional manufacturing solutions,” said Rich Garrity, Stratasys chief industrial business unit officer.


“Rising global supply chain challenges, conventional capacity limitations, and application complexity are placing incredible stress on manufacturing. The F3300 will empower customers to accelerate product development, allowing them to innovate faster, overcome production challenges, be quicker to market, and maximise their return on investment.”

The F3300 is the latest addition to the Stratasys FDM family which includes the F900, F770, F450mc, and the F123 series.

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