Creaform offers free education manuals for 3D scanning

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3D scanner company Creaform has launched fee manuals for education staff on how to use the technology

Portable 3D measurement solutions company Creafom has announced the release of two teaching manuals aimed at assisting educators teaching at universities, colleges and schools around the world.

As design and technology classrooms across the country have become transfixed with 3D printing and CAD, Creaform has created guides on how to best scan for reverse engineering and for inspection.

The manuals, free to download from the website, cover theoretical and practical information on 3D measurement technologies and their uses, including a lab guide on how to use Creaform technologies.

“These initiatives are yet other concrete examples of how Creaform is committed to training the engineers, industrial designers, and QA specialists of tomorrow,” explained François Leclerc, product manager in charge of Education.


“In today’s hypercompetitive market, the complexity of product parts combined with customers requiring better product quality and faster turnaround times has generated an increased need for 3D scanning technologies and PCMM to be used in manufacturing processes.

“Professors, educators, and educational institutions need to remain at the forefront of advances in 3D scanning so as to better tailor their curricula for the innovators of tomorrow.”

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