AMD previews free photorealistic renderer for Rhino

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At DEVELOP3D LIVE today AMD previewed a free interactive photorealistic ray trace renderer for Rhino that works inside the Rhino viewport.

Currently in beta, the rendering plug in will be available for the next release of Rhino (version 6), on Mac and PCc and will be a free download.

The physically correct material and rendering technology is based on the OpenCL-accelerated AMD FireRender technology. It is optimised for AMD’s FirePro W-Series GPUs and can scale across one or more GPUs, but will also run on CPUs and any OpenCL 1.2 compatible GPU, including those from Nvidia and Intel.

AMD rival Nvidia is also developing a physically-based, photorealistic renderer for Rhino. Nvidia Iray for Rhino is currently in beta but will cost $295 per year for a license. With AMD giving away its Rhino rendering technology for free this is sure to ruffle some feathers. It will be interesting to see how the two technologies compare on features, quality and performance.


FireRender dialogue box

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