Dyndrite supports HP 3D printers with preparation software

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Dyndrite has announced a partnership with HP to develop their Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) and Metal Jet line of 3D printers in the form of 3D print preparation software.

Direct and contract manufacturers will be able to use serial production features including automated build preparation compatible with both mesh files and native CAD.

Dyndrite for MJF is built on Dyndrite’s Accelerated Computation Engine and gives HP users freedom over the manufacturing process.

It includes features that help users increase production speed, repeatability and traceability.

Users can work with multi-gigabyte files, leverage native CAD files and their associated metadata, and finely tune 2D and 3D nesting with densely packed interlocking elements.

They will have machine connectivity and full HP file plug in support.

Dyndrite’s native Python APIs enable data integration with a range of databases and third party apps that can be used for part ordering, job submission and reporting.


Dyndrite is currently accepting HP 3D printer customer beta users via its Early Adopter Programme.

“HP is excited that Dyndrite has announced support for HP’s 3D printing ecosystem for both polymers and metals,” said Arvind Rangarajan, global head of software and data, personalisation and 3D printing at HP Inc.

“HP 3D printing customers will now have the option of using Dyndrite to create and submit print jobs.”

Dyndrite’s original Accelerated Computation Engine was designed to democratise access to “compute-optimised geometric operations that transform digital content into the physical world.”

It was released in 2019 and intended for use on laptops, desktop and in the cloud.