Formlabs Rigid 10K Resin

Formlabs Rigid 10K resin launched

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Formlabs Rigid 10K Resin has been announced as ‘the stiffest material in Formlabs’ entire portfolio’, as the brand looks to add more heat and chemically resistant materials to its books.

The latest Draft Resin enables dental, engineering and manufacturing users to print up to four times faster than currently available resins, while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy.

The Formlabs Rigid 10K Resin can be used to create 3D printed moulds and inserts, suitable for uses such as short-run injection moulding workflows.

By being able to withstand high temperatures and immense pressure, Formlabs states that Rigid 10k is capable of simulating glass or fibre-filled thermoplastic materials.

Parts are printed with a smooth matte surface finish, and should find a home in industrial settings where detailed, non-bending parts are required.

Additionally, Formlabs has announced a new version of its Draft Resin.

The reformulated Draft Resin is claimed to be able to print up to four times faster than ‘standard materials’, and capable of printing a dental model in under 20 minutes.


The new grey colour offers and improved surface finish, reducing post processing requirements with minimal support removal, wash, and cure times.

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