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Teradici and MacStadium offer remote access to Macs

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Combined with MacStadium Mac cloud solutions, Teradici CAS is looking to offer users GPU-accelerated access to MacOS CAD tools.

Teradici has teamed up with MacStadium to develop a cloud solution that enables Mac users to remotely access Apple hardware as if they were on a local machine.

The service uses MacStadium’s cloud-hosted Apple Mac infrastructure to ‘streamline and accelerate’ the delivery of Teradici Cloud Access Software (CAS) to Mac customers across the globe.

Teradici CAS uses the PCoIP protocol, which places a big emphasis on high-fidelity ‘lossless’ image quality when remotely accessing graphics-intensive applications like 3D CAD, visualisation and visual effects.

Firms adopting the service could equip users with entry-level MacBooks and tap into more powerful Mac Pros in the cloud.

“Companies that want to leverage Mac hardware in the cloud choose MacStadium for our expertise and long history of building innovative Mac solutions,” said MacStadium chief product officer Chris Chapman.

“We are excited for this partnership, and we know that combining Teradici CAS technology for macOS with our cloud-hosted Mac infrastructure will provide users with the remote working experience that they have been waiting for.”


The cloud service will support Macs running either macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur. Customers can then choose to remote in from a wide range of PCoIP endpoints, including macOS clients, Windows clients, Linux clients, PCoIP Zero Clients, and PCoIP thin clients.

Teradici and MacStadium anticipate Teradici CAS support on MacStadium will be available in mid-2021.

While MacOS isn’t anywhere near as popular as Windows in the product design and engineering sector, which relies heavily on Windows-only tools, there are still some applications that can run on the operating system including Rhino, Autodesk Fusion 360, Onshape.

Shapr3D is a new generation of native MacOS-oriented CAD software, which we reviewed here.

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