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Swatchbook partners with OTOY for any device rendering

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Swatchbook is set to tap into OTOY’s cloud based render network for material and large batch product rendering, forging a partnership for the future.

Swatchbook has used OTOY’s render technology since the beginning and has produced over 100,000 renderings of real-world, supplier provided materials in less than three years, all of which can be seen in the Swatchbook marketplace.

The adoption of OTOY’s distributed token-based RNDR, is the result of both teams’ working closely together on refining the API, as they aim to fully automate the rendering process for all assets on the Swatchbook platform.

“OTOY’s distributed blockchain rendering solution allows us to generate an unprecedented amount of images, which would require an immense amount of computational resources using traditional network and cloud render solutions,” said Swatchbook CEO Yazan Malkosh.

“RNDR will revolutionise the industry as a whole with the speed, security, and low cost it can create massive amounts of images. We are extremely excited to be amongst the first to bring this to our clients in the fashion industry, who traditionally are not as technologically advanced as other industries.”

OTOY CEO Jules Urbach, added that he is thrilled by the partnership.

He said: “Swatchbook and its Mix App for the iPad Pro is showing the power of ultra-realistic 3D rendering to help designers around the world push their creative horizons, and we are proud to support the application with RNDR and OctaneRender.”


RNDR was first adopted to as part of the Mix App, which allowed part of its design and visualisation application mix – rendering designs directly from inside the application running on an iPad Pro.

With one push of a button, Mix can take the 3D asset and associated materials and upload the entire scene to RNDR, which will produce a total of 34 images – 10 still images at various predefined angles plus a 24-frame turntable.

Due to the distributed rendering architecture all the results are delivered within minutes.

Swatchbook is planning to transition its current material rendering pipeline based on Octane to RNDR by the end of the year, re-rendering all 30,000+ materials, resulting in 150,000+ images.

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