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Swatchbook launches Remix spatial design app for Apple Vision Pro

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Swatchbook has launched Remix, its spatial 3D design application for the Apple Vision Pro, tailoring its high resolution materials library to both professional designers and consumers.

Remix combines advanced Swatchbook features with an intuitive interface that allows users to observe and engage with detailed 3D products and textures in their personal surroundings, apply and recolour premium digitised materials from real-world suppliers in real-time.

Swatchbook lauds this approach as ‘democratising the realm of sophisticated design’, making it accessible and engaging for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise or professional background, as well as contributing to sustainable and ethical design practices by shifting industries like fashion from traditional design-make-sell to more efficient design-sell-make approach. This method focuses on selling designs before they are manufactured, significantly reducing overstock and the need for discounting.

The immersive experience will be refreshed with monthly updates that introduce further material and colour collections, as well as new 3D designs, while a strong emphasis is placed on community and collaborative creativity.

Swatchbook CEO Yazan Malkosh called Remix a transformative tool that marks ‘a pivotal moment in our journey’.

“This groundbreaking application isn’t just an innovation; it’s an entirely new experience that redefines industry standards,” he said. “Designed for both professionals and everyday consumers, remix bridges the gap between high-end design and accessible creativity.

“Its impact extends beyond mere functionality, aiming to inspire and revolutionize the way the creative community engages with design. We look forward to seeing how remix inspires users.”


In addition to its availability on Apple Vision Pro, Remix will also be available for iPhone and iPad, allowing users to interact with the same content using a reduced feature set.

Available for free, Swatchbook subscribers can upgrade to a paid subscription for $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. The paid subscription will offer monthly asset and material drops.