Coloro palette integrated into KeyShot

KeyShot integrates Coloro’s library of 3,500 colours

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Coloro and KeyShot have announced a partnership aimed at streamlining the colour development process for product designers.

Coloro, the provider of a vast colour system and intelligence solutions, and KeyShot, the 3D real-time rendering and animation software, said they will integrate a library of 3,500 standard Coloro colours into the KeyShot platform.

The integration of Coloro’s palette into KeyShot aims to enable product designers to accurately visualise colours on their 3D models and facilitate precise colour specifications with production suppliers.

This integration should significantly streamline the colour development process, reducing the need for sample production, shipment, and material waste.

By combining Coloro’s colour intelligence with KeyShot’s intuitive 3D modelling platform, users will have the ability to create and modify products with an accurate representation of their chosen colour palette before proceeding to production.

“We are united in our vision to provide designers and product developers with the most intuitive yet innovative solutions, enabling them to focus on design rather than software or colour management,” said Coloro chief strategy officer Detlev Pross.

“The combination of Coloro’s intuitive colour system and consistent colour data with KeyShot’s sophisticated colour management and rendering capabilities across multiple materials is a perfect match and a win for our joint users.”


“We are excited for this partnership to bring even more options to our customers,” said Derek Cicero, KeyShot VP of products and strategy.

“Many have been asking for an integration with KeyShot to easily apply Coloro standards to their 3D designs and improve their end-to-end digital workflows, so this was a natural partnership for us to do with Coloro.”

“Industry-leading KeyShot colour workflows have now been extended to allow users to easily explore and utilise Coloro colour palettes, allowing our users to maximise their creativity and achieve consistency across design teams.”

Coloro has dedicated years to developing a unique system that reflects human colour vision and has built an extensive knowledge base for analysing colour in the context of feasibility, dye-ability, and sustainability across various materials and processes.

Through the collaboration with KeyShot, this partnership offers a fully integrated colour and 3D design application, making it effortless to fine-tune both the colour and material of designs prior to production.

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