Visualisation for SOLIDWORKS 2023: technical report

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A guide to getting the most out of design visualisation in SOLIDWORKS® 2023 and SOLIDWORKS® Visualize 2023 with AMD Radeon™ PRO GPUs.

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Boost 3D Performance in SOLIDWORKS for FREE
AMD Software: PRO Edition now includes a re-architected OpenGL driver for AMD Radeon PRO GPUs that can dramatically boost 3D performance in SOLIDWORKS.

Four ways to visualise a SOLIDWORKS model
Designers and engineers have several options when it comes to visualising SOLIDWORKS designs — from enhanced realism in the viewport with RealView and Ambient Occlusion to photorealistic stills and animations with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

Wave goodbye to Level of Detail (LoD)
In order to maintain good 3D performance when working with large models, SOLIDWORKS automatically reduces the Level of Detail. With AMD Radeon PRO you no longer have to make this compromise.

Workstations for SOLIDWORKS
From modelling and viewport visualisation to ray trace rendering.

The need for GPU memory
In SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Visualize, GPU memory has never been more important. Without sufficient memory not all data can be loaded onto the GPU, limiting capability and performance.

Use SOLIDWORKS from anywhere
Designers and engineers are no longer tied to their desks. AMD Remote Workstation gives the flexibility that modern product development teams and hybrid working demand.