D3D 30 Tech List 2022

D3D 30 2023 Tech List Launched

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The past 12 months have seen design and engineering teams around the globe working faster and harder than ever before. What better way to keep ahead of unseen challenges and competitive threats than a look at some of the latest technologies on the market?

Selected from companies around the world, the D3D 30 2023 features everything from AI-powered sketching tools to systems for manufacturing process observation. Our hope is that you find something here on our list for your own personal toolbox, making you more productive in 2023 and beyond. The products listed, we believe, have the potential to light up your development process, putting you in prime position for taking on even more ambitious projects in the months ahead.

Some of these technologies come from start-ups that we’re excited to see take their first steps out of stealth mode. Others come from more established companies, working hard to  develop new capabilities within their existing systems or launch brand-new tools to take customers in new and thrilling directions.

We’re delighted to showcase this illustrious group, selected entirely on merit. Our listing includes new takes on modelling, innovative ways to tackle big data challenges, fresh approaches to 3D printing, the very best of AI and more – all with the aim of helping our readers design and build the products and systems of the future.

Previous D3D 30 lists have highlighted new technologies that we’ve watched grow in terms of capability and adoption, others have been acquired by industry heavyweights, forming a part of your everyday workflows. Speaking with readers, we know that many of them have since been adopted in your businesses and become vital to your processes.

We have faith that the Class of 2023 will offer you many more such candidates – and hopefully, you’ll have the chance to get hands-on with many of these products, including at DEVELOP3D LIVE, which returns to the UK on 20 September 2023 – find out how you and your team can attend for free here.

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