Siemens Freyr partnership

Siemens and Freyr showcase digital twin technology

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Siemens and Freyr have announced a strategic partnership to maximise plant efficiency and scale up production.

As part of this partnership, Siemens has become Freyr’s preferred supplier of automation technology and has unveiled a digital model of next-generation Freyr battery factories at the Hannover Messe trade show using Nvidia technology.

The digital model was built by Siemens using the Nvidia Omniverse development platform to provide an immersive experience of the Freyr factories.

The model incorporates operational data from the Freyr factory in Norway, featuring 3D representations of the infrastructure, plant, machinery, equipment, human ergonomics, safety information, robots, automated guided vehicles, and detailed product and production simulations.

This technology should help Freyr meet the increasing demand for high-density, cost-effective battery cells for stationary energy storage, electric mobility, and marine applications.

Built by Siemens, the demo showcased at Hannover Messe 2023, uses the Nvidia Omniverse development platform to provide an immersive experience of the Freyr factories and followed the joint vision for an industrial metaverse unveiled last year by Siemens and Nvidia.

The digital model of the Freyr factories aims to highlight the integration between Siemens Xcelerator and Nvidia Omniverse and demonstrate how teams can harness comprehensive digital twins in the industrial metaverse using models of existing and future plants.


The demo showcases the potential for a virtual meeting between Freyr and potential investors or customers to take place within the digital Freyr plant in Norway.

This allows for a detailed exploration of the facility’s exterior before entering to view current production processes at work.

The model also showed how it can be used for production planning, highlighting how a plant manager can rapidly evaluate plant performance using a custom Siemens application.

This provided an overview of the facility’s operation and initiates a Microsoft Teams meeting with colleagues at a manufacturing cell inside the virtual factory.

By utilising digital twin technology, Siemens and Freyr said they aim to improve production efficiency and scalability, ultimately helping to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

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