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Coreform updates Cubit 2023.8 to integrate machine learning

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Coreform has launched the latest release of Coreform Cubit, 2023.8, the latest iteration of its advanced meshing software that utilises hex-dominant meshing tools to minimise the time spent on model preparation for FEA and CFD while maintaining mesh quality control.

Among the host of enhancements, bug fixes, and novel features, the standout feature for this release is the integration of machine learning into critical processes.

Coreform Cubit 2023.8 has been trained to recognise common fasteners such as bolts, nuts, pins, and other connectors, which engineers can use to rapidly identify these fasteners in their models and quickly simplify, remove, or replace them.

Users can also train Cubit to recognise their own common parts to perform similar simplifications.

Developed by Sandia National Laboratory, Coreform  states that this addition underscores its dedication to staying at the forefront of computational engineering technology.

“We believe that integrating machine learning into our software will be a major improvement for hex meshing complex geometries,” said Coreform CEO Michael Scott. “This release demonstrates our ongoing commitment to improving the Coreform Cubit experience for our users.”

2023.8 introduces other valuable improvements aimed at offering more options and user control, including improvements to the polyhedra meshing scheme, a new equi-angle skew metric, improved SDK documentation, user experience improvements, and bug fixes.


Additionally, the U-splines isogeometric analysis technology previously available in Cubit has been removed in advance of its inclusion in a new dedicated isogeometric analysis preprocessor currently being developed by Coreform.

A new ‘.cf’ export file format has been added to Coreform Cubit to facilitate a future workflow for creating body fit meshes in Cubit for conversion to U-splines in this new software, Coreform Flex, which is currently in beta testing. DEVELOP3D readers that are interested in taking a look at this can get in touch using the details at the bottom of this page.

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