Ansys Discovery ‘burst to cloud’ capability offers ‘100X acceleration for design exploration’

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Ansys has announced its new cloud service to accelerate multiple simulations for design exploration within its Discovery software, offering designers the chance to ‘solve 1,000 design variations in 10 minutes’.

According to Ansys, Discovery’s new burst to cloud service leverages the power of the Ansys Cloud to accelerate parametric studies in Discovery by 100x or more thanks to it implementation of Nvidia A10G GPUs with 24 GB GPU memory for increased model size.

Designed for ease of use and slick integration within Discovery, users are able to setup a parametric study in Discovery and select ‘solve on cloud’. Simulation setups will immediately start running in parallel on the distributed cloud compute service all without deploying or selecting VMs or job managers.

As design variations are simulated, calculated results will stream back to the Discovery interface, populating charts and tables for further comparison and evaluation.

Complementing Discovery’s role in the Ansys arsenal as an upfront design tool, the new burst to cloud feature should help Discovery users rapidly explore designs and their alternatives, uncovering innovative new ideas, and performing initial optimisation.

Discovery already removes mesh failures or the need to clean up or defeature geometry, helping accelerate time to prediction, yet has been limited to running one simulation at a time. The addition of burst to cloud means that running parametric design studies across 10s, 100s, or even 1000s of design alternatives is now a possibility.

“The value of a simulation model comes from exercising it. Traditionally, large scale design studies, sensitivity analyses, and optimisations are expensive and time consuming to run, limiting their use to only high value applications and scenarios,” said an Ansys spokesperson.


“Discovery combined with the Ansys Cloud seeks to remove the complexity, time and cost associated with exploration, finally enabling the use of simulation to drive early design decisions where the impact on design performance and robustness is the largest.”

The function supports all Discovery Explore physics, including thermal, structural and fluids, and charges for use via Ansys Credits, based on computation time.

DEVELOP3D Reader Preview Access

If you’re already an Ansys Discovery user, using Discovery 2024 R1 or later, then you can request free access to try out the new burst to cloud function by clicking here.